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Mt. Amber – Another Moon (CD/Digipak)


Album (2019)


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In 2015 Mt. Amber was founded by Philipp Nespital (drums, keyboards and vocals) Alexandra Praet (bass and vocals) and Christopher Zitterbart (guitar and vocals). After collaborating in other music projects, such as the Progressive Rock band Treehouse Scenery with their debut EP “Cocoon” (2013), the three musicians decided to sharpen their distinctive sound by founding Mt. Amber.

The music of Mt. Amber is based on a shared musical vision of a modern progressive rock – atmospheric, epic, emotional, musically rich yet approachable and with a distinct rock character. While the three musicians not only have a background in music but also in filmmaking, their songs often feature a strong narrative perspective.

In winter 2017/2018 Mt. Amber entered the studio to record their debut album “Another Moon” which was released on April 5th 2019.

Since early 2018 Mt. Amber is completed by keyboarder Josip Duvnjak on stage.


  1. All We Are
  2. Amok
  3. Behind My Eyes (Another Moon Pt. 1)
  4. Another Moon (Another Moon Pt. 2)
  5. Holy Memory (Another Moon Pt. 3)
  6. My Lovely Monster (Another Moon Pt. 4)
  7. Lullaby’s Prelude (Another Moon Pt. 5)
  8. Fly Away (Another Moon Pt. 6)
  9. Another Dawn (Another Moon Pt. 7)
  10. Stay

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